Titanium Swivels

When it comes to swivels why settle for second best? Why buy stainless swivels when you can own Titanium Swivels. Our titanium swivels will not corrode in seawater...ever! So it saves you money. These swivels help keep your lines from getting twisted and "bird nesting" and because titanium never corrodes, you have the comfort of knowing that they will always swivel freely. Titanium is 40% stronger and weighs 40% less than stainless steel (and weighs approximately 80% less than bronze).

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Choose from our selection below: "Fork & Fork," "Eye & Eye," "Jaw & Jaw" and "Eye & Jaw" Swivels.

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Better Than Stainless Steel Swivel
Jaw & Jaw Swivels
Far Superior to Stainless Steel Swivels
Fork & Fork Swivels
Great Advantage Over Stainless Steel Swivel
Eye & Eye Swivel
Better Than Stainless Steel
Eye & Jaw Swivels


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